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Dayani and her husband, Cirito Benemelis are both skilled and renowned musicians with vast experience as producers, music directors and musicians, both of whom have conducted major concerts and projects. Cirito is currently a musician for maestro Alvaro Torres and co- owner and co-producer with his wife. together they have created Bornagainers Music

The famous pop artist and TV Host

Dayani Lozano is a Prominent Cuban American singer, who has been recognized as the Pioneer of Pop Music in Cuba.


He began to sing studying the Gospel choirs of North American Music in a self-taught way.

She became especially famous and respected in Cuba for her insistence on doing a genre that she felt most comfortable with, which makes her someone with incredible leadership ability to navigate against the current and mark beginnings.


Endowed with an enormous capacity for work and leadership, Dayani Lozano assumed to be her own choreographer, stage manager, representative, manager, director of her bands, arranger and businessman to achieve her goal of singing Pop music in Cuba at a time where in the Popular music was only heard salsa.


Among her qualities and additional gifts, her ability as a speaker and hostess and television host stood out at this time , becoming   thus in the host of a very successful television program called: Música Si.



Music for kids 

Dayani is also talented with voice overs and voice changing and she has a great passion and devotion for kids education, so in 2007 she was invited by her record label to participate among many other prominent cuban artists  in a record for kids. So Hormiguita retozona is still today one of the kids favourites due to  among other great  features, the changes in her voice.

Back to Jesus

Dayani Lozano began to realize in Cuba that she could no longer be popular because something really sad was happening, her audience began to slowly go from professionals to people who used nightlife as a business, there was something sad happening in a society that she  felt  no longer represented and also a discourse that was no longer common. And that was the beginning of a journey to her freedom. On that trip she also decided to sacrifice her career, with her family and her son's education being her first priority, she decided not to sing anymore and began to prepare for a business career.

She moved to Miami and decided to start a life as an anonymous regular Cuban immigrant, took a day job and studied from 8 to 11 p.m. M. Every day at Florida National University, and then he landed several large administrative jobs, in absolutely all of them, he was the victim of harassment. and hostile work environment. which led to depression and sadness. The stronger his sadness grew, the more he begged Jesus Christ for divine intervention, and he got exactly what he asked for. One day he literally saw Jesus Christ reaching out from above and telling him: take my hand, I will guide you, leave all your problems to me. As a result, everything began to change in her life, friendly people began to appear, and new ideas and possibilities began to emerge. She wrote a book called: The Ways of God, a book that she plans to publish when she feels that she is spiritually mature.


Adonai is her most recent production, A single resulting from a vision walking through the desert and crying out to heaven: Adonai Shaddai Elohim.


God also brought her husband the same vision and her husband, not knowing about her Vision , wrote the first   melody: desert sand I am:

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Philantropist-helping others is what  really moves me is a constant motherhood state of being

Dayani is the type of person who even when walking the streets will put her last in every move, she could cross the streets slower just because there is an old man, a stranger behind her and she wants to make sure that he is. walk safely back to the sidewalk. She would go to a restaurant to clean the table after eating, she will always smile at you and defend others more than she defends herself and for all that in the most anonymous way possible.

Dayani has actively collaborated in various philanthropic causes devised by her and her husband, together they have collected food and clothes for Cuban compatriots stranded on the borders of Mexico and the United States, they have also collaborated with orphaned children and widows in Kenya, and now both carry out a mega effort to protect the copyright of Christian musicians in Cuba and also train and advise them about their royalties in the music industry. Pressing as many Christian ministries as they can, Dayani and Ciro are leaving a historic mark through Bornagainers Music by making public and notable a strong Young Christian movement that promises to change the course of social values in Cuba.

We both feel that it is our duty as Americans to be an example  of all the original values of this beautiful country, a country that does not leave Christian values locked in the church but tries to apply them every day to all areas of its development. social, political and economic. It is not the same to be a singer of the world than a singer of God, a singer of God transmits values, and hope, it is not the same to be a businessman of God than a businessman of the world, a businessman of the world competes, an entrepreneur of God collaborates


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titulos, entrenamientos y certificaciones

  • Diploma Empresarial-Habilidades Criticas para Empresarios AC:399-4138360

  • Diploma de Contabilidad: Introducción a la valuación y La inversion en la BolsaAc 421-4138360

  • Diplloma de Leyes: Introducción a Contratos y Las Leyes AC:484-4138360

  • Master Class: Chriss Voss: The Art of negotiation

  • Master Class: Self made Entepreneurship-sarah Bakleley

  • Florida national university: Administration de Empresas

  • Modelaje; La maison: casa De moda Cubana

  • Actuación para teatro: Veronica Lynn

  • Voz y Dicción: Carmen Fragoso